Spa Hajdúszoboszló

The building of the thermal bath was completely renovated in 1999. The medical capacity in the modern two-story building has doubled. Four new outdoor pools were built, in which the bather can refresh even more with the help of various attractions.

These open pools are surrounded by spacious corridors. There are three roofs in the hall of the thermal bath 32, 36,38 There is a thermal water pool with a temperature of C.

It results from the combined effect of the power of the healing water and other healing factors, that thousands find healing with us. The iodine, bromos, medicinal salt water is primarily suitable for curing rheumatic diseases.

In chronic locomotor diseases, wearable, in the case of degenerative diseases, according to experience, there are more people who follow the doctor's prescriptions, mint 90 percentage is improving nicely.

The effect of the spa treatment is surgical, nervous, diseases of dermatological origin (eczema, pikkelysömör) can also be detected during treatment. Patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery regularly visit our spa for follow-up treatment.

A good result can be achieved after a stroke, Paralysis developed after Heine's disease, in the treatment of chronic nerve pain and nerve inflammation.

Szoboszló water is also effective in gynecological inflammations. Infertile women often reported conception after two or three repeated courses. An explanation of this, that there is also estrogen bound to bitumen in our water.

There is more in the spa, more than forty types of treatment are available to patients. Different medical treatments are used in combination. Among other things, massage, sludge treatment, weight bath, underwater massage, underwater gymnastics, various electrotherapy treatments and the most modern soft laser treatment are also used.

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