Strand – Hajdúszoboszló

The Hajdúszoboszló spa attracts not only those who want to heal. In the high summer season, beach tourism prevails. A 30 The beach in a hectare park is open from May 1 to September 30.

In the summer, hundreds of thousands are refreshed 13 in his pool, including the wave, champagne, in children's and adventure pools.

In May and September, the beach operates with a reduced number of pools depending on the number of guests.

Thanks to the Széchenyi plan 2002- the infrastructure of the beach was completely renewed , new according to European Union requirements, swimming pools operating in a water circulation-filter system were built.

The real sensation, however, is the so-called Mediterranean coast, deep 6200 m2 water surface, it is considered the largest built pool in Central Europe.

The gradually deepening, the giant wave pool is separated from the boating lake by a dam, the sight of a pirate ship, complete with a lighthouse. Its sandy shore and palm trees create the experience of bathing at the beach.

2005-we are once again treating our guests to some minor improvements.

Sunshades have been set up at the spa pool to protect against strong radiation. In the giant pool of the Mediterranean coast, a lifelike whale tail peeks out of the water.

We placed attractive animal figures in the area of ​​the children's pools.

Smiling seals and turtles at the paddling pool, the hippos in the children's pool became a favorite of the guests taking pictures.

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